Google's People Operations 

Google People Operations (POps) projects are a group of generally related projects that are largely funded by the same group within Google, share development resources, and are prioritized relative to one another.

Below is a collection of POps projects I have been apart of. 

Google Careers


Google employees over 100,000 individuals, and receives over 3 million applications per year. I was tasked with helping  redesign the job discovery experience for to increase the quality of applicants by making it easier to match the right jobs to the right candidates

Project Goals

- Make discovery and application as easy, efficient and effective as possible.

- Improve the decision-making ability of candidates to apply for the right job.

- Bring UX and design in line with the high expectations associated with the Google brand.

Search wizard

We revamped  job discovery by adding a wizard to help users find the best-fitting jobs in a conversational way.

This allowed users to provide desired job titles, experience, location and skills to compile a query.

Smart Careers

“Smart Careers” refers to the application, project, and team name given to us  for the rebuild of the Jobs page  because of the re-architecture to make it a dynamic application. 

This job application pulled results from the search wizard, and provide the user with the recommended jobs, and high priority openings at Google.

In addition, users were able to create alerts, add filters, save jobs and sort. 

Website redesign was in need for a content revamp and also was outdated in terms of brand standards. I worked to redesign the major pages of the site (home, life at google, etc) in desktop and mobile with the following goals in mind. 

These page redesigns also served as the templates for dozens of other additional pages with dynamic content.

Competitions with Google


Every year Google hosts competitions that are designed to assess coders around the world and allow them to showcase their programming skills at an international level. There are three different competitions; Code Jam, Kick Start and Hash Code. 

Competitions with Google (CwG) is a new brand we created that consolidates the three pre-existing coding competitions under one unified family, allowing users to leverage their Google account into a "competitor profile".

The project

We worked on this project from it's conception, our team covered:

  • Brand creation (identity/logo refresh, merch, visual design, photography).
  • Web design (CwG landing page, individual competition websites).
  • Competition interface (the UI required for competing and practicing in competitions.

Competitions with Google, Home

We started with consolidating all of Google's coding competitions on one landing page, where users can use their google account to compete across all 3 under the same profile

Competition interface 

We wanted to reconstruct the terminal interface to not only be useable for all competitions, but to also include the following new features:

  • Archive and
    Past Problems
  • Schedule and competition round overview
  • Problem inspector
  • Nav / Ask a question

This terminal interface also needed to be responsive on all screen sizes, including mobile

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