Our tech client wanted to revolutionize the consumer buying experience of ticket sales by offering 4 unique value propositions on their platform.

  • Allow users to see ticket price trends over time on secondary markets, and alert them when to buy and sell at the most lucrative times. 
  • Allow users to return, swap tickets or exchange for credit. 
  • Join a waitlist for sold out events
  • Offering pricing information to help other companies make sense of inventory 

The task

My role: UX, UI, Prototyping 

Communicate the full vision of this product before building with a fully designed, clickable prototype to present to C-level execs for buy-in.

Stage 1

Page structure




Stage 2

Layout & Navigation Iteration

Visual Design (color, type, asset choice)


Micro copy

Stage 3





Defining flows

Given that there are two unique use cases for the product; buying or selling, I decided to flesh out the flows separately. At each touch point of the flow I would sketch out screens with variations of page structure, hierarchy and components. 

Setting up screens

Following flows and sketching, I used divergent methodology to create an abundance of “blueprints” for various screen options and listed out the pros and cons. (I specifically wireframe in blue to establish that no visual design has not been considered at this stage). On a more granular level, this also involved make blue prints of individual components that would be used in our interactions.

Below are a few examples of this process applied to the Seller flow. 


After narrowing down the screens with the best structure, hierarchy and components via stakeholder meetings and dot voting, I converged them into full wireframes of the separate flows.

Buyer wireframe

Seller wireframe

UI + Visual Design

Using the Google Material system, I was able to translate my blueprints into tangible UI. The visual design kept true to the company’s design system to establish brand recognition, and illustrative elements were also included to help guide onboarding, errors, sold out events, etc. 

Result and future thinking

I delivered a prototype that covered both the buying and selling use cases which could then be used to demonstrate the concept and value of their product. Additionally,  I also presented some future thinking features that would add excitement to their pitch to their execs: 

  • Ability to purchase tickets for VR/AR events, including previews of the experience before you purchase
  • Tying the “Tix” platform into the tech company’s ecosystem by encouraging users to pay using their email accounts and allowing them to swap in the value of their tickets for discounted company products such as speakers, headphones and subscriptions. 

The prototype

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